Surgical Experts in Bariatric Surgery

One in four Americans is considered to be obese with a body max index (BMI) over 30. Out of these, hundreds of thousands are considered to be severely or more commonly described as "morbidly" obese with a BMI calculation over 35. It has been coined "morbid" obesity due to the life threatening health conditions that are found to accompany obesity at that level.

For the morbidly obese patient, traditional diet and/or exercise programs may only have limited success. Exercise can be difficult because of hindered mobility or pain and many actually end up gaining weight because of the "falling off the wagon" effect of failed diets.

At Central PA Surgical Associates, we focus on your entire experience and heath. Our procedure options combined with support before and after your procedure encourage long lasting results.

Our Approach to Obesity Management

  • Caring and Non-judgmental Attitude
  • Physician Directed Program
  • Both Surgical & Nonsurgical Pathways
  • Individualized Treatment Plans
  • Over 15 Years Experience
  • Comprehensive Treatment
Changing Attitudes... Improving Outcomes

Laparoscopic "Roux-En-Y" (Gastric Bypass)

The gold standard of bariatric surgery for the morbidly obese patient, is commonly referred to as gastric bypass surgery. This is a restrictive procedure that also provides an aspect of malabsorption. Most patients lose a significant amount of excess body weight in the first year after surgery. This procedure has provided excellent long-term results for the severely obese patient.


Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy (Lap Sleeve)

We utilize the FDA approved "Lap Band" product developed by Inamed Corporation. This device is placed around the stomach to restrict the intake of food. The band can be implanted in about 45 minutes during an out-patient surgery. Beginning after 30 days, the band is gradually adjusted (over time) to reduce food intake in a very safe and controlled manner.


Laparoscopic Banding (Lap Band)

This is a restrictive type of weight loss surgery that permanently reduces the size of the stomach. Sixty to eighty percent of the stomach is removed leaving only a small tube or sleeve for the new stomach pouch. There is no adjustments needed.

Pre-Op & Post-Op Nutritional Support

At Central PA Surgical Associates, weight loss programs are individualized for each patient. A comprehensive approach is utilized involving nutrition, behavior modification, and activity. Programs vary in length up to six months. Medication and/or supplements may be used as a part of the comprehensive plan. Our goal is long term weight loss and management.

All procedures and interventions require long term follow-up for optimal results.